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Our trip through ZUN’s wonderland… Act 1

What I want to say as a prelude is already in that video’s description, please do give it a nice read…
Here’s the story, cut me some slack, I wrote it in less then 10 minutes or so:

“Wait up Renko!”
“Hurry up Mary, we’ll lose the train if we don’t hurry up!”

We’re in a train station, in the middle of the night. Renko and Maribel are about to take a strange train, it’s called the “Emiya Express”, they found out about it on some fliers that where around.

“Which binary is it?”
“Hmm… it says… ⑨…”
“No, it says 9-circle”
“That’s weird, I’ve never seen a ninth binary here, they seem to end at 8, what a small station…”

The 2 girls notice a mister with white hair and luggage walking in a rather swift and messy manner, not to mention his rather strange attire. And to top it all off at this time at night, in such a deserted station, rather unusual…

“Let’s ask that guy!”
“Wait! Renkooo…”

The 2 girls approach the mister, who stops, eying them in a rather strange manner.

“Can I help you?”
“Yes! Do you by any chance know where binary ⑨ is?”

Renko shows the sir the flier. Suddenly a look of interest sparks in the man’s eyes.

“Hohoho, why yes, I shall take you there, it is rather simple really, watch and learn.”

The man steps aside and where his luggage used to be appears a “slice” of the sorts on the ground. Maribel gasps in awe.

“What’s wrong Mary. Wait, don’t tell me…”
“Yes… it’s a boundary”
The man smirks, “Rather well informed little girls we have here, now do we? Step on in”
“Wait… Renko… is this really OK? Following a stranger and all…”
“Bah, who cares, let’s just get going, we might lose the train!”

The two girls jump into what they defined as a “boundary”.

After a rather rough landing, the two girls find themselves in front of a pretty normal train. A dump of a train, really.

“This is what is going to bring us to “wonderland”….?”
“Hahaaa… Let’s just get in, maybe it looks better inside!”

The two girls step inside and they find themselves in a totally different place. A very luxurious train, the two girls cannot help but gasp in awe. Soon after that the man from earlier approaches them, this time dressed more formally.

“Surprised, now are we?”
“The flier was not kidding when it said “a comfortable trip to wonderland”…”
“May I take you to your cabin?”
“Please do!”

The man takes us to a cabin and opens the door, we deposit our luggage inside and take a seat in the extremely comfortable seats.

“We sure are going to enjoy this, now are we!” The two girls say in unison

Suddenly the man from before starts talking in the train’s broadcast.

“Welcome to the Emiya express, I hope you enjoy your trip through what I called “ZUN’s wonderland”, I will be your guide and captain, my name? Hoho, such things are not needed.”

The two girls look at each other and say in unison.

“What a strange man…”

Suddenly some relaxing classical music starts playing……


There are slight differences between this train and ZUN’s Hiroshige, for one the windows are not kaleidoscopic.

Thanks for reading, please do tell me what you think about this little “project”, I’d love to know.

Lyrica and the Profligate Compilation

The sisters have gathered

Lunasa, Merlin and Lyrica, the three sisters have finally gathered and are ready to show YOU, my friends, what they are made of.


So, ok, dramas aside, it’s true, we have our final member in the group. First of all, please save the sarcastic comments or the “WTF!?”s, comments with those or anything similar aren’t going through my approval. So without further ado, here’s the bomb: our final member is none other then Myon, yes, Myon, not MyonMyon, and not Youmu’s ghost. Myon, from DS, or in Youtube language, Taboovampire. As I said spare me the sarcastic comments.

We figured Myon would be perfect for the job, since the final playlist will be dedicated to techno, of the softer kind but, well I’m sure that more hardcore stuff will be inevitable. But well it’s also a peace treaty between Emiya/Chaos and Myon, we hope to stop the flame wars on DS and other unpleasant fighting that might occur in the future, since we all know that they aren’t necessarily nice to view, and just bother other people, other then ruining perfectly good threads.
Anyways, Myonbel, is the account’s name, learn it, use it, subscribe to it.
As always, 10 videos a music compilation, 20 videos an image pack, all in our beloved list, all techno requests go to her account, so, get to it.

On a side note, I REVAMPED Lunasa’s list, the number of packs increased to 15, but now we have mediafire only links, which is much more user-friendly then ZShare. The ZShare links are still there, as mirrors.

So, what is this about the “Profligate Compilation” you ask? Well the actual name is “Immoral Compilation” and it ranges from video 61 to 70 (161 and 170 for Chaos) what’s going to be featured here you ask? Arranges of themes related to “evil” Touhou babes, the best example would be Yuka, Flandre, Remilia, the rest of the list of girls will remain a secret for now, so just look forward to it.
Here’s the first video:

And, here’s Myon’s first video:

ChaosAngel: Thanks ArcherEmiya for taking the time to post that. Now thats an example of responsable people, not like SOMEONE I KNOW witch can’t find the time to attend the community (in case you didn’t noted it, it’s an autocritic). Anyway, it was a hard decition, but when someone is qualified for the job I won’t deny it. In order to make the complete trinity, here is Lunasa video, welcoming Myon with MyonMyon, to this, your home, The Poltergeist Mansion.

Archer Emiya & ChaosAngel