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Our trip through ZUN’s wonderland… Act 2 – The Dazzling Moonlit Sea

A tiny comment regarding the song is present on the video, but other then that everything else is written here. So, without further ado, after clicking the HQ button let’s click “Play” and read the story along with the amazing music:


Taking back from where we left off, the two girls find themselves currently in the mysterious train, conveniently named “Emiya Express”, they had just gotten aboard and currently find themselves in the cabin the mysterious man with white hair left them.

“Welcome to the Emiya express, I hope you enjoy your trip through what I called “ZUN’s wonderland”, I will be your guide and captain, my name? Hoho, such trivial things are not needed.”

Renko: “Hmph, what a weird guy”
Mary: “Haha… Well on the bright side the train is truly wondrous!”
Renko: “Yeah, no doubt about that, just check out this huge cabin that mister gave us.”

The two girls look around, the cabin, it truly was a luxurious and beautiful cabin. Like one you’d dream in staying in, only this one was free.

Renko: “Oh yeah, Mary, do you remember if it was written on the flier how long this journey is? We actually should be at university right now…”
Mary: “Now that you mention it…”
“Length of this journey? Hah! What a foolish question, ZUN’s wonderland is limitless!” Says a voice
Renko: “!! Wha-? Who-? Where are you?”
“My, my, calm down madam.”

The two girls look frantically around the room, searching for the origin of the voice who just spoke.

“Well, don’t bother you won’t find me”
Renko: “Wait, you’re the guy from earlier…”
Mary: “Are you using the train’s broadcast…? Won’t the whole train hear what you are saying?”
“Hoho, I wonder, maybe I’m talking directly with you girls? Anyways…” The man clears his throat “Lady’s and gentlemen, let us begin our marvelous trip through an unimaginable wonderland that none of you have ever dreamed of visiting. For starters I would advise you to take a look out of the window”

Along with the gentle flow of some classical music playing in the background the two girls can hear the splashing of waves from the outside. Renko quickly gets up and opens up the curtains. The two girls gasp in awe.
What they see truly is a beautiful sight. Sea, as far as the eye can see. The only fact that makes it seem even more beautiful is that it’s in the middle of the night.
Renko opens up the windows to get a better look. It was a tranquil night, a gentle breeze was blowing, Renko and Mary leaned out to get a better view, of course the train was not going at a considerably fast speed. From the back side of the train they could see a small train station which was getting smaller and smaller…
The sea at night truly is a beautiful sight.

Upon closing the windows Renko realizes something.

Renko: “Where are we exactly? This makes no sense, 20 minutes ago we were at Tokyo!”
Mary: “I wonder… That boundary seems to have taken us to quite a far place… And I never recall seeing such a beautiful sea there.”

Suddenly they hear a knock on the door *Knock, knock*. Mary opens the door and they see the mister from before in front of them.

“Hoho, I see you’ve already pulled open the curtains. Truly beautiful, is it not.”
Renko: “Wait a sec, if you are here then who’s-”
“Don’t worry, that’s all taken care of, I came here to inform you 2 that there are various services around the Express you might want to take a look at. Have you had your dinners yet by any chance?”
Mary: “Actually, no, we haven’t, and now that you mention it, I’m quite famished…”
“Excellent. Why don’t you go have a bite to eat? I must say our food is quite delicious.”
Renko: *sigh* “Heck, why not, might as well have fun since we’re all the way out here in some unknown place.”
“Down the hall, then take a right, you’ll see a slightly japanesque looking door, that’s what you’re looking for. Now if you excuse me, I’ve got some other matters to attend.”

The man rushes off. The two girls look at each other.

Mary: “He seems like a rather busy man, always off in a hurry”
Renko: “He’s a weirdo if you ask me. Well let’s go have something to eat, I could eat a whole horse!”

The two girls direct themselves down the hall and taking their first right they see two doors, to their right is a normal door with a “Staff Only” sign, to the left was a typical Japanese door. Next to the door was a big sign on which the words “Welcome to the Bamboo Cutter’s Restaurant” could be read.

The two girls can hear some slightly jazzy music coming from the interior……


Note that the wondrous views that are viewable from the Emiya Express are not the work of some kaleidoscopic scenery, like in ZUN’s original CD:

“The left side of a blond-haired girl sitting against the running direction was a beautiful blue sea coast; the right side was awesome plain with no buildings and pine wood.”

“Hiroshige has large seats and runs very quickly, so it’s convenient…
But to me, it’s dull to see just a ‘fake’ scenery through Kaleido-screen.”

-ZUN, Translated by Toho wiki, from “Retrospective 53 Minutes: Story”

I think the kaleidoscopic windows are a very futuristic and interesting touch ZUN gave to the original, but what we are seeing are REAL wonders, not some fakes.

Thanks for reading, please do comment, tell me what you guys think, constructive criticism on maybe some ways I might be able to improve the story is welcome.

2 responses

  1. DarkAngelAz

    Was just downloading the music packs and it had just occurred to me that although I’ve got the Japanese language pack installed, it still comes up as squares instead of katakana. Is there any way that there could be some sort of song list included on the website (this would solve the problem of having to upload the packs instead)

    Just something I’d thought I’d let you know.

    However, on the plus side, there’s some awesome arrangements that I’ve been listening to, and the packs themselves keep the downloading to a kinda minimum, depending on what we want to download

    October 24, 2009 at 5:39 am

  2. Drew

    You guys do have the descriptions backed up somewhere right? It would really suck to lose all of them.

    If you guys are too busy to do it, and the playlists on Youtube start working again, I wouldn’t mind doing it.

    October 28, 2009 at 5:03 am

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