Touhou Arrange Music

Still in re-construction…

Today (well, yesterday actually) it has been concluded more than 1/3 of the content on the metal channel. It was exciting to post again this video, I was actually sent to a time trip on what I was doing when I first uploaded. I remembered some great feeling while reading your comments, so thanks a lot for your support.

As promised, It has been uploaded a pack with images from 0 to 100 videos in the Poltergeist List. While music packs will take a little longer, tomorrow it should be uploaded one containing music from 41 to 60.

I also want to inform 2 more issues:

1) Re-construction of the Lyrica playlist is currently pending since we have a bit of trouble since we need to get certain info. Today Moomaria has kindly offered to take care the situations on his hands in order to get the job as fast as possible, so please excuse the delay, but I promise we can have news in the next days.

2) I will take a short break on Lunasa playlist in order to answer the HHHHHHHUUUUUGGGGGGEEE list of PM’s I have stacked over this last months, and comments of the blog. Aside from uploading all the music from this playlist.

With that beign all that I need to say, I thank you for you time.

One response

  1. Egakiar444

    Wish you good luck man. Can’t wait for the download

    January 14, 2011 at 9:15 pm

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