Touhou Arrange Music

Building up, breaking down.

The heavy metal channel has been in an undefined hiatus for quite a while now, without no warning beforehand it was going to happen. Things got very complicated in my life on the past months. I’m not only talking about the standard issue of lack of time, but also about serious personal conflicts I have been trough. To be honest in this whole time, I didn’t even had brain to think on the channnel, neither anything Touhou reletead, and for that I do apologize, since none of you have the responsability of what I’m going trough right now. I promised myself that when the recent school period would end (that’s is, a week ago), I would have updated the channel and making things clear for everyone, but right now it has been over one week ago, and I don’t simply has this “spark” of updating the channel.

When I talk of the “spark” is about this feeling of listening to Touhou Music and in that moment have the whole idea (both description & Image) in my head. Right now, my interest are obeying to other type of music (Heavy Metal of course, but non Touhou Reletead). It is true I still want to share something with each and everyone of you, but in the present time I’m not listening to touhou music (not that I’m too happy with the current heavy metal touhou scene too), and if I update the channel I would just be because I want to please everyone who likes the channel. This would result in an unsatisfactory result for both sides, since I would do it quick, effortless and feelingless and you would feel that “something” is missing.

Those are the reasons of the current state of the Heavy Metal channel, but none of them justify that I didn’t let everyone what was going on. Once again, I apologize for this and I hope you can understand me. Please, do not mistake this with a goodbye message, since this is not the end of this channel. By this time pretty much everyone knows about the upcomming Xi-on album and Demetori’s word on a new one, and I can guarantee to you that there will be an update once I get my hands on this two albums. But I just wanted to let you know what happened, and what is going on.

Both KakashiMr and Moomaria have posted on their respective channels about their feelings towars the Poltergeist Mansion right now, so in case you are interested on those two channels I suggest you to go and check them out. We are not expecting anyone to change our mind on things, neither we are waiting to see the reaction that this might cause. This is just how things are in the present moment.

I personally thank to Emiya and Moomaria for all their support and good memories I built while they were part of this, and also for each everyone or you who enjoyed touhou music with us. Those who written comments and those who always lend us a hand when there was a difficult moment. I want to thank to everyone who favorited a video, to the ones that actually bought an album and supported the artists. To everyone who ever listened to Touhou music and keeps listening.

One last thing, I’m not going to delete this blog, since the poltergeist list is still active and it the links with both music and images are still ready to download.

Thanks for watching.


3 responses

  1. HomicidalDonut

    Hm. I think I can relate to those sentiments, I’ve kind of gradually fallen away from the whole Touhou scene, to the point that I was never really getting impatient for the next update. I snatched up the new Demetori album immediately, of course, and now that you’ve reminded me I’ll probably go find Xi-On’s, but still, the conventions passed without me even noticing.

    Anyway, I need to thank you nonetheless. Actually, I kind of owe you even more -because- I’ve fallen away from that. When IRON and Taka started putting out their vocal albums that I didn’t really care for, I started following leads from crossovers and descriptions you’d posted, which led to me finding many more artists outside of the doujin scene (previously I couldn’t name one artist with one album that had more than one or two songs that I liked). So now, even though you’ve stopped uploading, I’m getting “new” songs from groups like Dream Theater, Stratovarius, a bit of Symphony X and such that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.

    That said, I look forward to you guys resuming the project, but even if it has to end here, know that your work has been greatly appreciated.

    February 17, 2012 at 5:33 am

  2. ved

    Late reply is late…
    Changing of preferences is a sign of development, I think. It has never been good to be stuck with one genre/point of view/basket of eggs ;)

    All the rest had been said already, big thanks for your influence on my life and good luck with your life. Take care man.

    March 18, 2012 at 10:15 pm

  3. Chingy

    I will always love Touhou! and so does everyone hopefully. Hahaha, and I really like their music. And it was made possible by you showing us through the ways of sharing it on the channels. Thanks for that. I really like them, the artwork is great, and the music too.
    Well, though it may be late for this, but I just feel like commenting down here.
    Anyway, all the best for whatever you’re doing!

    May 29, 2012 at 4:47 pm

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