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Building up, breaking down.

The heavy metal channel has been in an undefined hiatus for quite a while now, without no warning beforehand it was going to happen. Things got very complicated in my life on the past months. I’m not only talking about the standard issue of lack of time, but also about serious personal conflicts I have been trough. To be honest in this whole time, I didn’t even had brain to think on the channnel, neither anything Touhou reletead, and for that I do apologize, since none of you have the responsability of what I’m going trough right now. I promised myself that when the recent school period would end (that’s is, a week ago), I would have updated the channel and making things clear for everyone, but right now it has been over one week ago, and I don’t simply has this “spark” of updating the channel.

When I talk of the “spark” is about this feeling of listening to Touhou Music and in that moment have the whole idea (both description & Image) in my head. Right now, my interest are obeying to other type of music (Heavy Metal of course, but non Touhou Reletead). It is true I still want to share something with each and everyone of you, but in the present time I’m not listening to touhou music (not that I’m too happy with the current heavy metal touhou scene too), and if I update the channel I would just be because I want to please everyone who likes the channel. This would result in an unsatisfactory result for both sides, since I would do it quick, effortless and feelingless and you would feel that “something” is missing.

Those are the reasons of the current state of the Heavy Metal channel, but none of them justify that I didn’t let everyone what was going on. Once again, I apologize for this and I hope you can understand me. Please, do not mistake this with a goodbye message, since this is not the end of this channel. By this time pretty much everyone knows about the upcomming Xi-on album and Demetori’s word on a new one, and I can guarantee to you that there will be an update once I get my hands on this two albums. But I just wanted to let you know what happened, and what is going on.

Both KakashiMr and Moomaria have posted on their respective channels about their feelings towars the Poltergeist Mansion right now, so in case you are interested on those two channels I suggest you to go and check them out. We are not expecting anyone to change our mind on things, neither we are waiting to see the reaction that this might cause. This is just how things are in the present moment.

I personally thank to Emiya and Moomaria for all their support and good memories I built while they were part of this, and also for each everyone or you who enjoyed touhou music with us. Those who written comments and those who always lend us a hand when there was a difficult moment. I want to thank to everyone who favorited a video, to the ones that actually bought an album and supported the artists. To everyone who ever listened to Touhou music and keeps listening.

One last thing, I’m not going to delete this blog, since the poltergeist list is still active and it the links with both music and images are still ready to download.

Thanks for watching.


It’s finally done…

As you probably read, today finally it was filled the last remaining hole it was missing from the previous channel. Of course, uploading again the IRON ATTACK! song that was originally uploaded on the past channel was pretty much of a suicide since Malsmteen Corp would report it, and the least I want now is to be involved again in copyright issues. However, I need to be prepared if somthing happens with CROW’SCLAW.

But into the good news. To all of you wondering if the Poltergeist List will be updated anytime. Well you can check twice because yesterday, the music from the videos 222 to the 240 was uploaded. On the subsequent days, I will update the list with the new content, trying to fill the remaining holes on the list itself.

Unfortunately, time for me now very very limited, and updating the blog is now an almost impossible task. However given the situation of the current video, and the poltergeist list, I decided it was a good idea to, at least, make a new post.

Moomar is preparing something every one of you will enjoy. Just to tease you a little bit….it’s a solution to the 1 million dollar question “Where can I buy this music?”…(and perhaps a solution to the whole CROW’SCLAW banning issue too).

Still in re-construction…

Today (well, yesterday actually) it has been concluded more than 1/3 of the content on the metal channel. It was exciting to post again this video, I was actually sent to a time trip on what I was doing when I first uploaded. I remembered some great feeling while reading your comments, so thanks a lot for your support.

As promised, It has been uploaded a pack with images from 0 to 100 videos in the Poltergeist List. While music packs will take a little longer, tomorrow it should be uploaded one containing music from 41 to 60.

I also want to inform 2 more issues:

1) Re-construction of the Lyrica playlist is currently pending since we have a bit of trouble since we need to get certain info. Today Moomaria has kindly offered to take care the situations on his hands in order to get the job as fast as possible, so please excuse the delay, but I promise we can have news in the next days.

2) I will take a short break on Lunasa playlist in order to answer the HHHHHHHUUUUUGGGGGGEEE list of PM’s I have stacked over this last months, and comments of the blog. Aside from uploading all the music from this playlist.

With that beign all that I need to say, I thank you for you time.

Changing sites, and gigant wall of updates.

It isn’t a common tradition of mine neither changing sites every morning or giving a headache to you because of the amount of times we have switched. But the site in witch were turned out to be quite complicated for both of us, ChaosAngel & Emiya, and over the time we preffered the site that we had here. So once again I beg you guys an apologize for switching a site again, but I promise you this will be the last time for quite a while.

This re-opening of this site came with a surprise too, and also a re-opening! for those who don’t know, there is a new cowboy in town who is going to handle the Techno/Electronic playlist (a.k.a Lyrica playlist). His name is Moomaria, and he is a very good friend (those who read those wall of text on the Lunasa playlist can recall him being mentioned on serval occations) and I can ensure you he is a trustworthy co-worker who is going to handle things a whole lot better than Myonbel did.

Yeah, talking about Myonbel…..I guess I owe everyone an apologize, first for not realizing the possibilities of leaving his account in his hands (there wasn’t actually I could do much, after all he had total control over it), and second for not considering how Myonbel could react against many of you. Last but not least, I apologize for not taking action before too, but I’m glad many of you decided to take the problems in their own hands, resolving the issue for the rest of the community. From the deepest of my heart, to all of them, you have my deepest thank you, and please excuse the lack of answering there has been on me in the past days.

Anyway, the fact is that you can be sure Moomaria is a great person, I can promise you that, and for a because an image speaks better than thousand words (or so they have told me) how about a video with music?:

About the past videos on Lyrica playlist, do not worry. I’m working on to see how are we going to re-upload them. I’m sure someone has already took action before us (Thanks a lot JenejeanTou, please excuse me for taking so long to notice your actions) and I hope he can help us with the rest of them. I say I hope, because I haven’t talk to him, but I’m going to send him a PM in the moment I finish with this post. I want to also thank a lot to everyone ( Thanks a lot to you too UNGunWasHim ) who were avid of techno and decided to continue with the task. I apreciate a lot people want to continue with whatever project I left, and I’m also glad people is whilling to share their music with others.

I just wanted to let know everyone that “The Poltergeist Mansion” isn’t a special spot reserved for someone special, neither none of us are being paid to do this. The only reason we are doing this is because we enjoy it, and the Poltergeist Mansion concept was only created in the need of a good and catchy name for this (or past) site. This concept lead me to name the playlist like the name of the 3 poltergeists from the Perfect Cherry Blossom game. Actually, back when I created the site, there wasn’t any Lyrica playlist, and I wasn’t planning to, but as soon I named Metal playlist as “Lunasa” and “Merlin”, everyone wondered “Who is Lyrica?”, and eventually the only mayor genre that was lacking on “our collection” was techno. One thing lead to another and so we found ourselves in this moment. The objective to tell everyone this, is that no matter what, everyone is on their right of sharing the music they want under the conditions they want, so there is no real privilege on being here. Remember the site (and therefore the name), was just a shelter in case someone got banned, and it did serve its objective. I would more than happy to give every channel an spot, and try to attract as many people to Touhou Music, but unfortunately I don’t have time to listen and recognize every channel I step on. Sharing isn’t privilege of anyone, and so it isn’t this site.

If I decided to assign Moomaria to this task, is because he has been a friend of mine for quite a while, and Emiya I could trust him with my life. I know their MSN accounts, and I already know their available times (since all of us live in different country). It didn’t noticed how important was the techno playlist to some people, till Myonbel closed his account. In this days I have been free, and I have dedicated to solve many issues, and as fast as I could before I return to my mathemathical/musical isolation. Moomaria is the best option for those who enjoy techno, and for me to ensure everything work the way it has to work. So please, I apologize to everyone who wants to join in this little project and I hope you understand that time does not allow me to talk with everyone whilling to do the job. By the way, if you are wondering why I asigned Myonbel to this task in the first place….well you are right, he didn’t fit with anything I described in the last paragraph, but lets just say that the assignment was a “Damage Control” ;)

About Lunasa playlist. As many of you have seen, I have been focused on uploading the first 100 videos, with occasional new (as in never uploaded on the channel before) content. This is/was because It consumes less time to do it, and its the perfect job to do it while I was busy on university. I’ll try to finish this week uploading up to the 100 video, and then I’ll upload new stuff from the past events I have missed up. Once I return, to my duties, I will continue re-uploading videos from the 101 to (I hope) 250. For those wondering about the files, “The Poltergeist List” is up to date, and I will start uploading the rar files from the first 100 videos. I hope that for video 100, I have many of the music uploaded (music from 0 to 20 is already online) and all the images too (images are going to be in 1 rar file, that will contain images from 0 to 100).

Last but not least, I created a facebook profile. There isn’t an strict objective about this, is just to let more people know about Touhou music, and because some people prefer to comment on that site. Also it makes wonders when you need to spread the news about something fast, so take it as a news updater. The full post will appear on this site, however to those who like facebook, I’ll update the profile everytime some post concerning something important (like this one) about the channels.

There isn’t much more to say, except once again thanking to all of you for being the supportive you are, and as usual thanking you for watching. The blog will continue it’s eternal construction, and while I still figure out a nice banner (the past doesn’t fit) I will try to keep update in here. It’s hard to read every comment, and so does the un-answered inbox I have been leaving since like 2 months, but I’m thinking calling someone (Not Myonbel I promise) who takes care of answering most of your questions and keep track of the suggestions, as well as modering (this aren’t forums I know) this site. While this task can be the most boring thing on the world (and tedious too), at least we could ensure a fast way of keeping things here un answered.

I curse time gods. I hate time limit. Oh Sakuya….why can’t you be real and stop time?

Thanks for watching.

The Poltergeist List.

  • This is the unique list of the files that contains music and images used on the videos featured on these Youtube Channels: ChaosAngel , Emiya, & Moomaria.
  • The list will be updated every time something new gets uploaded, and it will be listed where it belongs.
  • A new post (here in this blog), or a song update will direct you to THIS page when a new compilation is uploaded, don’t worry, you won’t miss anything.
  • From now on, PM’s on the youtube channel asking for any media will be redirected to this link.
  • “Everyone is encouraged to purchase whatever they dig, provided they have the means to do so.” THE wise words of Funkies. (A guide by Moomar has been created to buy doujin CD’s and other stuff).

Without any other detail to clarify, here is the promised list:

Files from the “Lunasa” (Metal) Playlist:


0 to 20 : Download

21 to 40: Download

41 to 60: Download

61 to 80: Download

81 to 100: Download

101 to 120: Download

121 to 140: Download

141 to 160: Download

161 to 180: Download 

181 to 200: Download

200 to 221: Download

222 to 240: Download

241 to 260: Download

261 to 280: Download

Image-Packages from the “Lunasa”-Playlist

0 to 200: Download

201 to 270: Download

Files from the “Merlin” (Classic) Playlist:


Volume 1 (from video 1 to 10)

Volume 2 (from video 11 to 20)

Volume 3 (from video 21 to 30)

Volume 4 (from video 31 to 40)

Volume 5 (from video 41 to 50)

Volume 666 (from video 51 to 60)

Volume 7 – The Immoral Compilation: Part1 / Part2

Volume 8 (from video 71 to 80)

Volume 9 (from video 81 to 90)

Volume 10 – The Symphony 98: Part1 / Part2

Volume 11 (from video 101 to 110)

Volume 12 (from video 111 to 120): Part1 / Part2

Volume 13 – The Piano Compilation (from video 121 to 132): Part1 / Part2

Volume 14 (from video 133 to 140)

Volume 15 (from video 141 to 150)

Volume 16 (from video 151 to 160): Part1 / Part2

Volume 17 (from video 161 to 170)

Volume 18 (from video 171 to 180)  -UPDATED-

Volume 19 (from video 181 to 190)   -UPDATED-


Volume 1 (from video 1 to 20)

Volume 2 (from video 21 to 40)

Volume 3 (from video 41 to 60)

Volume 4 (from video 61 to 80)

Volume 5 (from video 81 to 100)

Volume 6 (from video 101 to 120)

Volume 7 (from video 121 to 140)

Volume 8 (from video 141 to 160)

Files from the “Lyrica” (Techno) Playlist:


Volume 1 (from video 1 to 10)

Volume 2 (from video 11 to 20)

Volume 3 (from video 21 to 30) <— (A.K.A the “M3 Festa & Touhou Kouroumu 5 complitation”)

Volume 4 (from video 31 to 40)

Volume 5 (from video 41 to 50)

Volume 6 (from video 51 to 60)

Volume 7 (from video 61 to 70) <– (A.K.A. the “Immoral Compilation”)

Volume 8 (from video 71 to 80)

Volume 9 (from video 81 to 90)

Volume 10 (from video 91 to 100)

Volume 11 (from video 101 to 110)

Volume 12 (from video 111 to 120)

Volume 13 (from video 121 to 130)

Volume 14 (from video 131 to 140)

Volume 15 (from video 141 to 150)

Volume 16 “Final” (Myonbel) (from video 151 to 156)

Volume 17 (from video 157 to 180)[part1]

Volume 17 (from video 157 to 180)[part2]

Volume 18 (from video 181 to 200)

Volume 19 (from video 201 to 220)

Volume 20 (from video 221 to 240)[part1]

Volume 20 (from video 221 to 240)[part2]

Volume 21 (from video 241 to 260)[part1]

Volume 21 (from video 241 to 260)[part2]


Volume 1 (from video 1 to 20)

Volume 2 (from video 21 to 40)

Volume 3 (from video 41 to 60)

Volume 4 (from video 61 to 80)

Volume 5 (from video 81 to 100)

Volume 6 (from video 101 to 120)

Volume 7 (from video 121 to 140)

Volume 8 “Final” (Myonbel) (from video 141 to 156 “Final”)

Volume 9 (from video 157 to 180)

Volume 10 (from video 181 to 200)

Volume 11 (from video 201 to 220)

Volume 12 (from video 221 to 240)

Volume 13 (from video 241 to 260)

MIRRORS PROVIDED BY GodsDragon (Thank You!):

“Merlin” Classical Vol 1-12: Part 1: Part 2:

“Lyrica” Techno Vol 1-4:

NOTE: A new music volume gets uploaded every 10 videos. A new image volume gets uploaded every 20 videos. I suggest that when you start the downloads, try not to use your connection for heavy things such as alternative downloads, torrents, online games etc, because then it’s probable that the files will not download completely and therefore you will end up with corrupted files. If your favorite .rar extractor gives you a “corrupted file” error message try downloading it again to see if the problem was generated due to an incomplete download. If the problem persists, contact us (youtube, mail or comment in this post) as soon as you can.

Thanks for watching. x3 ChaosAngel, ChaosAngel092 or ChaosAngel_92 “No one shall be able to drive us from the wonderland that ZUN created for us” And of course, Emiya, Archer_Emiya, or KakashiMr. So does Moomaria, Moomar, moomar2.