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Only a master of dexterity could rotate a T-Block in time…..but it’s done!

Well that certainly went quicker than expected.  The Lyrica playlist has been fully restored.  A huge thanks to all the youtubes who offered their assistance.  You guys kept me supplied; therefore I kept at work.  I  apologize for the massive spam I have probably incurred on your poor subscription box.  If it caused you to temporarily unsubscribe, it’s over now!  Now we can get on to the real music, EH?

Haha, see you guys soon.

ChaosAngel: Nice post Moomaria, and thanks for your titanic work. Quick update on the poltergeist list, all the music and images from the metal channel, from 0 to 100 videos is online.

Thanks for watching.

A Sincere Hello, Reporting for Duty, and Humble Request.

Howdy!  This is your new Lyrica, Moomaria, at your service.  Apologies for the somewhat late introduction, but I needed a little while to get nestled and for various events to unfold so that I could have more than a few sentences to type!

Firstly, I’d like to thank Chaos Angel and Emiya for allowing me to pick up the Lyrica playlist.  It is a great opportunity and honor that I will not take for granted.  An even bigger thanks yet goes to Myonbel for their diligent and hard work thus far; sharing many great arranges with the masses to enjoy.  Your time spent here has been appreciated by us all.  Your unique qualities and persona made you quite an interesting character.  No one can ever truly replace you.

I apologize for if, at any point, this seems like I’m rambling or not making any sense.  I’ve never really participated in blogging my entire life, so this is a first for me.
So a little bit about myself, eh?  Okay, here goes.

I’m a guy.  Let’s get that done with.  Got it?  Good.  I live in the United States (Virginia), I’m a slacking 10-year-plan college student/pharmacy technician/otaku/alien.  I like cheese.  I like walks on the beaches….. ok forget that noise.  I first stumbled across Touhou while playing World of Warcraft in 2006, when a friend and fellow guild-mate told me about MegaMari.  Seeing how literally 99% of my childhood was spent playing MegaMan, I was instantly interested in the so-called “hardest megaman clone ever”.  That would be it.  That was the trigger, the catalyst, the beginning of my addiction to Touhou.  I played the shit out of that game until I was 25-mushroom coding in my sleep.  I’m also a novice Let’s Play’er, so some of you may have stumbled across one of my MegaMari LP’s via my channel.  I began my LP adventures on Dailymotion, so that’s why some of the dates might seem a little off.  My interest in Touhou at that point diminished somewhat until I discovered Doujinstyle and, yep, you guessed it, Chaos Angel and his youtube playlist.  While I do enjoy playing Touhou games a great deal (I have 1cc’d everything on Lunatic), the music became my soul food.  You can’t really describe or explain fully what it is exactly about it that captivates you and keeps you addicted.  Maybe it’s the association across vast genres and circles.  The ability to say “Hey, I can actually be a valid critic and analyze this!”, because you actually have a control (the original themes) to base your critique off of.  Whatever it is, it’s had me hooked ever since.  I love pretty much any genre that I can groove to.  And while I am fronting up the Lyrica playlist, It doesn’t necessarily mean Electronic is the only thing I’m fond of.  Okay that was a bit redundant.  But yes, my subscribers prior to taking over the Lyrica reins can attest to my tastes, as I was uploading arranges before that.

Now, speaking of the Lyrica playlist.  The re-construction has been clipping at quite a fast pace so far, but as I eluded to earlier on video #161, I’ve now hit a snag.  JeanejeanTou has been gracious in providing us with the majority of information on the videos thus far, but has run out of the means required to continue providing said information.  Luckily, they have informed me of a way in which we can once again acquire that information.  I know many of you favorited or put many of Myonbel’s videos into your own playlist.  If you are one of those people, then we can finish this thing no sweat.  I’m just going to quote our friend here.

“Now here is a way so the viewers of Myonbel can help. If they kept a playlist/favorites of Myonbel’s original upload.

By then the viewers can right click the playlist/favorites page (where they can edit their list) and just right click the page and select View Page Source and viola. Use Ctrl+F to find the number (Ex. 123) and there is all the descriptions of the upload. Like Song Title, Original, Her (I’m positive she is a girl) wall of text, etc no picture though. Then the viewers will send a PM of the descriptions by of course copy and paste.”  Alternatively, I found you can also CTRL+F for “Myonbel”, and that would also lead you to relevent infos.

So basically, what I need is the information from video #81-156 (Final).  If you happened to favorite, like, or put any of said videos into a playlist, would you be so kind as to send me a PM on youtube @ moomar2 with the playlist # and the song information.  You can omit the personal wall of texts Myonbel wrote, we’re not too concerned about that.  And remember, we have the image and music packs as a reference, so I will use my deductive reasoning to determine what images go with what arrange.  However, if you feel the need to tell me that too, I would appreciate it, along with any other information you feel might be important.  And who knows, I’m a very accommodating and generous person; so there could possibly be some rewarding to those kind souls who help out.

Together we can finish this thing before Chaos can even upload 1 video!  I truly look forward to the good times I hope to have here and with all of you, the viewers.  Take care and god bless.


Random Video

Still in re-construction…

Today (well, yesterday actually) it has been concluded more than 1/3 of the content on the metal channel. It was exciting to post again this video, I was actually sent to a time trip on what I was doing when I first uploaded. I remembered some great feeling while reading your comments, so thanks a lot for your support.

As promised, It has been uploaded a pack with images from 0 to 100 videos in the Poltergeist List. While music packs will take a little longer, tomorrow it should be uploaded one containing music from 41 to 60.

I also want to inform 2 more issues:

1) Re-construction of the Lyrica playlist is currently pending since we have a bit of trouble since we need to get certain info. Today Moomaria has kindly offered to take care the situations on his hands in order to get the job as fast as possible, so please excuse the delay, but I promise we can have news in the next days.

2) I will take a short break on Lunasa playlist in order to answer the HHHHHHHUUUUUGGGGGGEEE list of PM’s I have stacked over this last months, and comments of the blog. Aside from uploading all the music from this playlist.

With that beign all that I need to say, I thank you for you time.

Changing sites, and gigant wall of updates.

It isn’t a common tradition of mine neither changing sites every morning or giving a headache to you because of the amount of times we have switched. But the site in witch were turned out to be quite complicated for both of us, ChaosAngel & Emiya, and over the time we preffered the site that we had here. So once again I beg you guys an apologize for switching a site again, but I promise you this will be the last time for quite a while.

This re-opening of this site came with a surprise too, and also a re-opening! for those who don’t know, there is a new cowboy in town who is going to handle the Techno/Electronic playlist (a.k.a Lyrica playlist). His name is Moomaria, and he is a very good friend (those who read those wall of text on the Lunasa playlist can recall him being mentioned on serval occations) and I can ensure you he is a trustworthy co-worker who is going to handle things a whole lot better than Myonbel did.

Yeah, talking about Myonbel…..I guess I owe everyone an apologize, first for not realizing the possibilities of leaving his account in his hands (there wasn’t actually I could do much, after all he had total control over it), and second for not considering how Myonbel could react against many of you. Last but not least, I apologize for not taking action before too, but I’m glad many of you decided to take the problems in their own hands, resolving the issue for the rest of the community. From the deepest of my heart, to all of them, you have my deepest thank you, and please excuse the lack of answering there has been on me in the past days.

Anyway, the fact is that you can be sure Moomaria is a great person, I can promise you that, and for a because an image speaks better than thousand words (or so they have told me) how about a video with music?:

About the past videos on Lyrica playlist, do not worry. I’m working on to see how are we going to re-upload them. I’m sure someone has already took action before us (Thanks a lot JenejeanTou, please excuse me for taking so long to notice your actions) and I hope he can help us with the rest of them. I say I hope, because I haven’t talk to him, but I’m going to send him a PM in the moment I finish with this post. I want to also thank a lot to everyone ( Thanks a lot to you too UNGunWasHim ) who were avid of techno and decided to continue with the task. I apreciate a lot people want to continue with whatever project I left, and I’m also glad people is whilling to share their music with others.

I just wanted to let know everyone that “The Poltergeist Mansion” isn’t a special spot reserved for someone special, neither none of us are being paid to do this. The only reason we are doing this is because we enjoy it, and the Poltergeist Mansion concept was only created in the need of a good and catchy name for this (or past) site. This concept lead me to name the playlist like the name of the 3 poltergeists from the Perfect Cherry Blossom game. Actually, back when I created the site, there wasn’t any Lyrica playlist, and I wasn’t planning to, but as soon I named Metal playlist as “Lunasa” and “Merlin”, everyone wondered “Who is Lyrica?”, and eventually the only mayor genre that was lacking on “our collection” was techno. One thing lead to another and so we found ourselves in this moment. The objective to tell everyone this, is that no matter what, everyone is on their right of sharing the music they want under the conditions they want, so there is no real privilege on being here. Remember the site (and therefore the name), was just a shelter in case someone got banned, and it did serve its objective. I would more than happy to give every channel an spot, and try to attract as many people to Touhou Music, but unfortunately I don’t have time to listen and recognize every channel I step on. Sharing isn’t privilege of anyone, and so it isn’t this site.

If I decided to assign Moomaria to this task, is because he has been a friend of mine for quite a while, and Emiya I could trust him with my life. I know their MSN accounts, and I already know their available times (since all of us live in different country). It didn’t noticed how important was the techno playlist to some people, till Myonbel closed his account. In this days I have been free, and I have dedicated to solve many issues, and as fast as I could before I return to my mathemathical/musical isolation. Moomaria is the best option for those who enjoy techno, and for me to ensure everything work the way it has to work. So please, I apologize to everyone who wants to join in this little project and I hope you understand that time does not allow me to talk with everyone whilling to do the job. By the way, if you are wondering why I asigned Myonbel to this task in the first place….well you are right, he didn’t fit with anything I described in the last paragraph, but lets just say that the assignment was a “Damage Control” ;)

About Lunasa playlist. As many of you have seen, I have been focused on uploading the first 100 videos, with occasional new (as in never uploaded on the channel before) content. This is/was because It consumes less time to do it, and its the perfect job to do it while I was busy on university. I’ll try to finish this week uploading up to the 100 video, and then I’ll upload new stuff from the past events I have missed up. Once I return, to my duties, I will continue re-uploading videos from the 101 to (I hope) 250. For those wondering about the files, “The Poltergeist List” is up to date, and I will start uploading the rar files from the first 100 videos. I hope that for video 100, I have many of the music uploaded (music from 0 to 20 is already online) and all the images too (images are going to be in 1 rar file, that will contain images from 0 to 100).

Last but not least, I created a facebook profile. There isn’t an strict objective about this, is just to let more people know about Touhou music, and because some people prefer to comment on that site. Also it makes wonders when you need to spread the news about something fast, so take it as a news updater. The full post will appear on this site, however to those who like facebook, I’ll update the profile everytime some post concerning something important (like this one) about the channels.

There isn’t much more to say, except once again thanking to all of you for being the supportive you are, and as usual thanking you for watching. The blog will continue it’s eternal construction, and while I still figure out a nice banner (the past doesn’t fit) I will try to keep update in here. It’s hard to read every comment, and so does the un-answered inbox I have been leaving since like 2 months, but I’m thinking calling someone (Not Myonbel I promise) who takes care of answering most of your questions and keep track of the suggestions, as well as modering (this aren’t forums I know) this site. While this task can be the most boring thing on the world (and tedious too), at least we could ensure a fast way of keeping things here un answered.

I curse time gods. I hate time limit. Oh Sakuya….why can’t you be real and stop time?

Thanks for watching.

A Nutcracking Christmas Tale

Woah the blog looks a bit sad… Especially since Christmas came and went and this blog went unattended.
Well, since Chaos is away (and I actually just came back) I’ll take care of the blog. Here’s a Christmas tale for you all!
Courtesy of 85centimeters (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!)


<At the beginning I can imagine a little girl in her pajamas sitting on her bed. The room was bright and cozy; snow could be seen falling outside the window (it is nighttime). When she grew older she wanted to be a ventriloquist, her daddy was always making her laugh with his performances and she wanted to be just like him.>

He was sitting in a chair with his doll and giving a little performance before he tucked her away to bed (Kind of like reading a story to a child before you put them off to bed)~

“So what do you want for Christmas this year young lady?” Her dad inquired in a falsetto voice. He skillfully operated his Dolls mouth to mimic his voice.

The girl smiled at her Dads performance. She was holding her own Doll in her hands.

“I dont want anything for Christmas Mister” she replied with puckered lips as she directed her own doll. “All I want for Christmas is to be a great ventriloquist like my Daddy!”

“Hmm? Is that so little lady?” Her Dad asked with furrowed eyebrows.

“Yep!” The girl exclaimed. “I don’t want toys or candy or any of that other stuff!”

Her dad smiled and laughed in his normal voice.

“Well then, I guess Ill have to make sure to teach you well then little girl!”

“You’re going to teach me!? You promise dad?”

“Now, why would I lie?” He grinned widely, manipulating his doll to grin alongside with him.

They both laughed out loud

The scene fades away slowly, from the bright and warm laughing faces, another scene sets in.

0:42; The snowy landscape that we saw outside the window sets in It was no longer snowing though. The darkness of the night had settled in fully and fierce winds carried sheets of fine snow particle through the air as it howled. The girl suddenly comes running into view through the snow. Tears were streaming down her face and she shivered from the cold as she ran. The only thing she was carrying was her doll, which she grasped dearly.

Something had happened her dad was no longer with her anymore; he was dead. Murdered. No longer would he make her laugh with his performances.

All alone now, the girl trudged in solitude through the heavy snow. She gripped her doll tightly. Loneliness gripped her heart as the seemingly endless hours passed. She talked to her doll constantly about how lonely she was… about how painful it hurt. The doll would listen, but it would never talk back unless the girl made it. This only made her cry more. She wanted someone to talk to her; she wanted someone to answer her. The cold was eating away at her, from the inside and the out. She shivered as she walked aimlessly through the unforgiving land. The bright blue moon peered out from behind the clouds, laying silent witness to her suffering. The black clouds overhead drifted quickly, hiding the moon from view once again.

The biting cold had already claimed all feeling in her hands and feet. She couldn’t feel her face anymore and her teeth chattered as her body futilely tried to keep warm.

“I-Its so cold out here isn’t it?” She asked her doll. The doll stared back vacantly. It did not answer. The girl raised the doll to her numb face. “P-please answer me.” She wailed. “Talk to me!” But the doll could not talk back; it simply stared back into the girls tear stricken face. As the hours drew on, even the tears on the girls face begun to freeze.

The cold was too much. It brought her numb body down to her knees.

2:43; “H-He promised though” she murmured through frozen lips. She closed her eyes weakly, gripping her doll with frozen fingers. She fell down into the snow.
“Dad” Her voice was nothing but a whisper in the wind.

She finally succumbed to the freezing cold. Her body stopped shivering.

The girl was dead.

Her suffering had finally ended. But why? Why did she have to go through all of this in the first place?

A tear streaked down the dolls face, which was still wrapped tightly in the girls embrace. It was helpless to do anything but watch

3:09; The scene fades away again; the girls room sets back into place. The room was so warm and cozy The girl was smiling and laughing as she held the doll in her hands. The doll wasn’t able to show it, but it was also smiling inside. Her dad was motioning with his doll as he spoke with his silly accent. The girl was speaking back as she directed her own doll. They both smiled and laughed. How did this wonderland become wrenched out of existence? And why?

3:43; Suddenly the area around the girls body began glowing. The doll slowly floated out of the girls frozen arms. It floated into the air, stopping in the air before spreading its limbs out… It made a rattling sound as its body shook violently. The teeth in its mouth chattered as its mouth opened and shuddered. Its limbs writhed erratically as its gaping mouth screamed out silently Overhead the moon had emerged from the clouds. It continued to watch, bearing silent witness to the birth of the doll. The dolls lifeless eyes rolled back into its socket as the head fell forward.

4:16; The doll burst into life snapping its head back into the air, its eyes became animate as it fleshed out and settled back down onto the floor. The doll looked down upon its deceased owner. She had listened to her suffering unable to do anything at all. But now she could act. She vowed revenge upon the murderers. They would die.

And so Medicine Melancholy was born~


Merry (late) Christmas to everyone! Thank you for everything, and Chaos, really, stop thanking me, you are the one that I should thank, you and everyone out there.

Enjoy the story, and don’t forget to thank 85centimeters, the Poltergeist’s (unofficial) story writer. Don’t hesitate to comment! This blog NEEDS your comments! It’s a bit dead…
(Yes I know, I have to continue the Emiya Express stories, as soon as I can, really!)

The moon is red tonight…

I guess this is the best way to keep the blog as lively as possible, although it’s a day late here’s 85centimeters’ story based on the above piano arrange of Remilia.


<The mood of this song is pretty depressing. Feels like a gloomy, rainy day at the Scarlet Devil Mansion… I think I’m going to play this off of my last story>
The beginning scenario depicts Remilia standing alone in her room. Since it was raining and cloudy out, her curtains were opened, which was a rarity. Remilia was staring out of her window silently…~

It had been a couple days since Remilia had left that forsaken hallway. Now she couldn’t stop thinking about it… It had been hundreds of years since Remilia last saw Flandre… When Flandre was locked away, at first Remilia could hardly accept it. But now, after hundreds of years she had learned how to deal with it-

Forget all about it. Act like it never happened. Move on. There was nothing she could do about it… so why bother?…

Remilia had repressed it all entirely from her conscience and completely forgotten about her sister. As a result though, she had unknowingly formed a shell around herself. No-one ever got close to her again. It was all fine though since she was the widely feared and prestigious “Scarlet Devil”. . After all, she was far too powerful to possibly stoop herself to the level of petty little, emotions…But Remilia was really just playing with her own mind… that fearsome title was nothing but an excuse… an excuse for her loneliness, an excuse for her isolation.

Remilia was deeply pondering to herself when she was interrupted- she saw a reflection in the window she was staring through.

Sakuya had silently appeared in the doorway carrying a silver platter.

“Your tea, my lady.” Sakuya soundlessly put the platter down on the stand next to Remilia’s bed. Sakuya began to leave but stopped short just outside of the doorway.

“Is there anything else you need my lady?…” Remilia could hear the concern in Sakuya’s voice. Sakuya had noticed how Remilia was increasingly quiet as of late. Remilia usually made little quirks and teasing remarks, but lately she hadn’t been talking at all…

“That would be all Sakuya.”

Sakuya hesitated for a moment as if searching for something to say. But she couldn’t find any words …

“Very well”

Sakuya closed the door behind her leaving Remilia to herself.

1:49; Remilia let her breath go. She hadn’t even noticed she was holding it in the first place. She closed her eyes. She had been thinking too much lately… She took a deep breath and relaxed for a moment. In her mind a memory began forming again. Instead of resisting as usual she let it take hold…

2:19; Remilia opened her eyes to find herself in Flandre’s playroom again. It wasn’t the haunting, evil room that she had set foot in a couple days ago… It was the brightly colored room that Remilia, up until now, had locked away in her mind. Flandre was sitting at the little play table and motioning with her doll. Remilia was doing the same with her own doll.


“Sis’ I’m tired of playing with dolls…” Flandre groaned. She put down her little mimic doll.

“Why don’t we play hide and go seek again?!”

Flandre smiled that smile again, that same smile that Remilia loved so dearly. Her little fangs protruded from her mouth and Remilia just wanted to pinch those adorable little cheeks.

“How can I say no to that face?” Remilia inquired, smiling back.

“Yay!” Remilia was quickly rewarded with a even lovelier smile…

“You hide this time Sis’, when I hide you always find me so fast.”

Remilia frowned. Flandre was notorious for cheating… She was probably going to cheat again… “” Fine, but you better not peek this time.””

Flandre nodded eagerly and turned around to face the wall. 3:18; She began counting slowly. Remilia looked around scanning her surroundings. She saw a spot that met her conditions in a corner that was covered by stuffed animals. She quickly ran over and ducked in.

“18…19…20!” Flandre turned around and smiled….then she immediately started running towards Remilia’s hiding spot.

“Cheater!” Remilia yelled before bursting from her hiding spot and running to avoid Flandres outstretched arms. Stuffed animals flew into the air from the act. Flandre laughed as she chased Remilia around the room.

Flandre chased Remilia around the room a couple times smiling that stupid, little grin. Remilia ran awkwardly away from her little sister. Remilia’s face beamed red as she ran.

“Cheater! Cheater! Cheater! Che- Aahh!”

Remilia tripped over a stuffed animal as she was running and landed smack-dab on her face. Flandre ran over grinning and kneeled down. She poked Remilia in the back.

“Gotcha ” Flandre grinned devilishly.

Remilia turned her beet red face towards Flandre. “Your such a freaking cheater Flan…” They both laughed.

4:55; Remilia opened her eyes again, her heart pumping. But all there was to see was her own reflection in her window… Remilia closed her eyes, her lips quivering.

The rain pattered against the glass as she slowly began crying to herself…


No… The Poltergeist Mansion has not become “Emiya’s House of Fanfics”, I just thought it was a good way to keep it more lively

Once in a hundred years…

So, I’m sure some of you guys know about 85centimeters on youtube, for those of you who don’t know him he’s a regular follower of the poltergeist’s channels, and since he’s such a nice guy he likes to express his feelings that he gets from songs in certain “stories” that he takes his own free time to write out and some times has posted them in comments.
These stories are extremely nice to read while following the rhythm of the song that is supposed to be connected to the story, on an emotional level.

Well, rant aside, my point is that I find these stories pretty nice to read, and since reading them in Youtube comments can be pretty annoying we decided to use this (partially deserted) blog to put up these stories; I’ll mention it in the video descriptions, and a link to the post containing the story and the song will be provided.

Let’s all give 85centimeters our thanks, all credit for this story goes to him. Cue the story, Emiya.


One day Remilia was wandering aimlessly through the mansion. The mansion was expanseless as a result of Sakuya’s abilities, so it wasn’t hard to find new halls that never seemed to have existed before. That day, Remilia happened upon a forgotten hall, an ancient hall~

Remilia pondered to herself as she walked through the hall. It was oddly normal sized so it had never been affected by Sakuya’s manipulation… Remilia wondered what it contained. The air of the hall was extremely musty and thick, as if no-one had disturbed it for centuries… The hall was very mysterious it intrigued Remilia. Remilia had little else to do so she went in to investigate. Remilia went to open the door to the closest room. The rusty doorknob creaked and the door groaned as it swung on its hinges 0:42; She walked inside and her eyes widened from what she saw. An ancient memory stirred in Remilias mind. She remembered sleeping in this room comforting Flandre one night during a thunderstorm…

It was Flandres old room.

0:55; Remilia quickly stepped out of the room and closed the door behind her. She was breathing heavily. She clutched at her throbbing head. Sweat traced her forehead as she leaned against the door. From behind her hand one could see her eyes flaring a bright red. 1:16; She wanted to leave but for some reason she had the urge to continue… Remilia regained her composure and slowly began walking down the hall again. Memories lingered and seemed to leak from every corner of the hall The time of this place felt distorted, frozen as if the past had come and claimed the place as its own. The floorboards creaked as Remilia continued on.

Remilia opened the next door, her bright eyes piercing the darkness of the room. It was Flandres playroom. Dusty, broken toys lay everywhere. Remilia looked at the closest table and saw two dolls. It was a little mimic doll of Flandre and Remilia 1:57; Another memory immediately attacked Remilias mind. She stumbled backwards as the memory gripped her mind.

2:10; The scenario changes. It was the same room except hundreds of years ago. It was no longer a dark, dank place. It was a bright, cheery room, filled with shelves crammed full of colorful toys. Flandre was sitting at one of the little play tables. Flandre was playing happily by herself when Remilia walked into the room. Then a huge smile came onto her face. Her little fangs showed when she grinned like that Remilia loved it when Flandre smiled like that.

“Cmon Sis!” Flandre was holding the Flandre doll in one hand and thrusting the Remilia doll at Remilia.

“Lets play!”

Remilia remembered herself taking the doll eagerly and playing with Flandre. They were both sitting at the table fantasizing about adventures they would take together. It was such a wonderful moment, Remilia loving playing with Flandre.

3:09; Remilia suddenly snapped out of the dream. Her head ached from the memory. Her mind burned from the memory. She was gripping her head and sweating profusely. Breathing deeply, she turned to leave the hall. At first she started out with a brisk walk but then she couldnt stand it anymore and burst out into a sprint. After what seemed like an eternity of running, she finally made it out of the oppressive air of the hallway.

She never wanted to go back here again.


Constructive criticism, although I’m not the one that wrote it, if there are some typos feel free to say so, I’ll correct them.

Thanks for reading and thanks for watching!

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